Puretech Yakut Series

Top quality water purification system.

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Puretech Optima Series

Both stylish and high quality

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Domestic Water Treatment

All water flowing from mains or well water and which unfortunately cannot be defined as safe today, threatens human health. At this point, Puretech has become one of the leading brands in the sector in terms of delivering home-type water purifiers produced with the latest technology since 2009.



Industrial Water Treatment Equipment

With industrial water treatment systems, the purification process can be done at higher capacities. High-capacity water purification devices working with reverse osmosis system are frequently preferred in all workplaces and industrial establishments, as they are much more economical and practical than the use of ready-made water.

Spare Parts and Filters

Thanks to the water treatment systems that aim to increase the quality of drinking water, the practicality of daily uses such as cooking, washing fruits and vegetables, making tea and coffee, apart from always accessible drinking water, increases. Water purifiers help you save both time and budget by providing healthy and clear water, free from limescale, viruses and bacteria, at any time of the day. In line with all these needs, Puretech imports and retails water treatment systems produced with the latest technology, and provide the most affordable price and the highest quality products to its users.

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